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A thigh lift is designed trim away excess skin and soft tissue, revealing firm and toned legs. When done correctly, it can restore a sense of balance to your figure.

Slim Thighs Can Be Yours.

With age, many women find that their thighs accumulate excess skin, unwanted fat cells and cellulite. Their upper legs look and feel heavier than before – and they are more difficult to tone with exercise alone. When this occurs, a thigh lift with Tucson cosmetic surgeon Dr. Larson can create the slim and contoured thighs you want.

Are You A Candidate?

To be considered a candidate for a thigh lift with Dr. Larson, you should:

Want To Remove Excess Skin

The main purpose of the thigh lift is to address excess skin on the upper legs. If you have unwanted fat as well, you may need liposuction.

Maintain A Stable Weight

Any future fluctuations will adversely affect your results, so ideally your weight will be stable before undergoing a thigh lift.

Be Committed To Preserving Your Results

It’s important to eat well and exercise after your procedure to ensure that your thigh lift results endure long-term.

How to customize your thigh lift procedure

Your thigh lift can be customized to address the inner thighs, outer thighs, or both. The technique used will depend on the location of the excess tissue and the precise results you want to achieve. Here’s a look at the two main options and their incision locations:

Inner Thigh Lift

This is the procedure Dr. Larson will recommend if you want to remove excess skin along the inner thighs. It will involve a small incision where the upper thigh meets the pubic area. The resulting scar will blend in with your natural contours and can be easily hidden with underwear.

Outer Thigh Lift

The outer thigh lift can tighten skin on the front and outside of the upper legs. With this approach, Dr. Larson will make an incision at the top of the thighs that may extend to the hips. Through that opening, he can also subtly lift the buttocks.

What To Expect The Day Of Your Surgery

Your thigh lift will be done under general anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety. To begin, Dr. Larson will create an incision in your upper leg. The location will depend on the type of thigh lift you have chosen.

Through that opening, he will remove small areas of fat, along with droopy tissue and excess skin. If you need more fat removed, Dr. Larson may also perform gentle liposuction. In this case, he will insert a cannula beneath the skin to break up and remove excess volume.

Once your thighs have been successfully lifted and contoured, Dr. Larson will pull your skin taut, close the incisions, and trim away any excess tissue. He will also place drains to prevent fluid from accumulating beneath the surface.

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