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Dr. Larson’s lipedema treatment is completely customized to your needs, symptoms and condition. However, it almost always involves a combination of liposuction and gentle, non-invasive measures.

Dr. Larson's Approach To Lipedema Treatment

How we restore balance to your body

We believe that a holistic, comprehensive approach to lipedema treatment is best for our patients. First, we recommend surgical fat removal because it is the only recognized way to remove the problematic fat, reduce your risk for health complications, and improve function and mobility.

From there, we will likely compose a follow-up regimen of non-invasive treatments that can refine your results and keep you looking and feeling your best. Depending on the stage of your lipedema and response to surgery, this may include exercise, compression garments and treatments that promote circulation and drainage.

Treatment For Lipdema In Tucson

Lymphatic Sparing Liposuction

The ideal surgery for lipedema is lymphatic sparing liposuction. It involves using specialized techniques to gently release pressure and congestion – preserving vital lymphatics while removing excess fat.

It’s important to select a surgeon with experience treating lipedema patients because many liposuction approaches are simply too aggressive for the condition. In fact, they can damage the lymphatic system and lead to additional complications. The two techniques plastic surgeon Dr. Larson performs most often include:


SAFELipo is a very effective lipedema treatment method. It is a three-step process that involves fat separation, aspiration and equalization. It’s designed to combine the benefits of liposuction, fat shifting and fat-grafting for smoother and more natural body contouring results. It’s safe, highly effective – and an ideal option for many of our lipedema patients.

During the procedure, Dr. Larson will begin by loosening, emulsifying and separating the unwanted fat cells. From there, he will gently remove the excess bulk and equalize the remaining fat layer without generating heat. This preserves valuable blood vessels and prevents damage to your skin and the surrounding tissues.

Wal Liposuction

Water-assisted liposuction is another gentle method that is a terrific option for lipedema patients. It doesn’t require general anesthesia and patients are typically able to walk around shortly after the procedure.

The approach involves using a pressurized stream of saline to dislodge and remove unwanted fat cells. From there, Dr. Larson will use various cannulas and lasers to further sculpt the area and refine your results, based on the unique needs of your body.

Your liposuction procedure will last between one and three hours. Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Larson will often perform a surgical skin reduction to decrease the likelihood of a lipedema recurrence. You will need to wear a compression garment after surgery to preserve your results and maintain the new shape of your legs.

Faq: Do I Really Need Surgery

If your lipedema diagnosis is accurate, then yes, you likely need surgery. Diet and exercise cannot treat this condition. Although a healthy lifestyle can reduce fluid buildup and improve mobility, liposuction is necessary to get rid of the excess fat and sculpt a more proportionate body. In addition, untreated lipedema typically worsens over time without surgical intervention.

Enhancing Your Results With Non-Invasive Measures

There are many non-invasive treatment options available that can complement and preserve your surgical results.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Larson may recommend a custom combination of the following:

  • Medications to reduce inflammation
  • Dry brushing to alleviate pressure
  • A healthy diet and exercise plan
  • Compression garments
  • Breathing techniques
  • Vibration devices and preneumatic compression pumps to improve circulation and lymphatic flow
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