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The back lift is designed to achieve a smooth and contoured back, by removing loose skin and heavy rolls of fat.

Target stubborn back fat. Reveal your best body.

Back fat can be an incredibly frustrating problem for both men and women. Due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy and the natural aging process, it’s common for excess tissue and rolls of fat to develop in this area. Because the extra volume is often due to a combination of fat cells and muscle atrophy, it can be very persistent and difficult to treat.

When this occurs, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Larson can:

  • Remove heavy rolls and bulges of fat
  • Trim away excess back tissue and skin
  • Sculpt a smooth back contour
Back Lift Tucson

Back lift after weight loss surgery

The back lift is very common with men and women who struggle with stretched skin due to significant weight loss – especially after bariatric surgery. In these cases, the procedure can reveal smooth, firm skin that drapes beautifully over their new body contours and accurately reflects their weight loss journey.

Are you a candidate?

Although the back lift is most often associated with bariatric surgery, it is also appropriate for patients who are experiencing lax skin and back fat due to the natural aging process, pregnancy and a moderate amount of weight loss.

To be considered an ideal candidate, you should be:

  • Close to your ideal body weight
  • At a stable weight for at least six months
  • In good general health and realistic about your anticipated results

What To Expect The Day Of Your Surgery

Your back lift with Dr. Larson will be done under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, which means you will be able to return home immediately after the procedure.

To perform the surgery, Dr. Larson will create an incision across the back. For women, this line can be easily concealed with their bra or swimwear. Through that opening, he will remove excess fat, trim away unwanted skin, and smooth any back rolls in the area. The procedure offers incredible contouring benefits all the way down to the buttocks.

To complete the procedure, Dr. Larson will close the incisions with care and place drains to prevent blood and fluid from accumulating beneath the surface of the skin.

The Recovery

Most of our patients experience a recovery period of about seven to ten days. During this time, swelling, bruising and pain is to be expected. These effects can be managed by applying cool compresses and taking your pain medication as directed. You should be able to resume strenuous activity within about six weeks, once your body has fully healed.

Your drains will remain in place for about four weeks. At that point, Dr. Larson will remove them during a post-operative appointment. You may experience some residual swelling for a few months. Once that has completely dissipated, your results will be considered final.

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