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A life-changing procedure for both children and adults, ear surgery can enhance your looks, boost your self-esteem and improve your quality of life.

Discreet Ears That Blend In

The ears can be a great source of embarrassment if they are excessively large and misshapen, or if they protrude too far from the head. For many of our patients, this distress began when they were children and continues to persist well into adulthood.

Fortunately, aesthetic issues affecting the ears are very easily remedied. Otoplasty, also known simply as ear surgery, is a simple corrective procedure that can sculpt more discreet and attractive ears.

The Benefits

  • A very safe procedure with minimal risks
  • Enhance self-esteem for children and adults
  • Natural-looking results
  • Minimal downtime

What Can Ear Surgery Do For You?

  • Improve the size and shape of your ears
  • Pin back protruding ears so that they rest closer to the head
  • Reduce overly large earlobes

What to expect on surgery day

For adult patients, Dr. Larson can perform otoplasty under local anesthesia. Children, however, typically require general anesthesia to ensure their safety.

The entire experience takes between one and four hours, depending on the techniques used. Here’s a look at the specific approaches that may be taken during your procedure:

Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is done if the ears protrude too far from the head, creating an abnormally prominent appearance.

To begin, Dr. Larson will create an incision behind each ear. Through those openings, he will reshape the cartilage, remove excess skin and reposition the ears so that they are closer to the head.

Reconstructive ear surgery

Reconstructive ear surgery is done to correct deformities or injuries. It is commonly performed to address torn piercings, lacerations, burns and congenital issues.

The procedure involves a custom blend of techniques chosen by Dr. Larson to achieve a more natural ear appearance.

Ear reduction surgery

If your ears are too large for the rest of your features, ear reduction surgery will be performed.

During this procedure, Dr. Larson will remove excess cartilage and skin, and artistically contour the ear to achieve a symmetrical and smaller shape.

The Recovery

Immediately after surgery, your head will be wrapped with heavy bandages. Within a few days, they will be replaced with lighter bandages. About one week after surgery, the bandages will be removed and you will need to cover your ears with a soft headband to maintain their new position.

As you heal, you should avoid rigorous activities and make sure your head remains elevated and cool. Avoid sleeping on your side, washing your hair with shampoo, and exposing your ears to extreme heat during the recovery period. Most patients can expect about one week of downtime after ear surgery. At that point, you will be able to return to work or school and resume most of your normal activities.

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