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If creases, crow’s feet and heavy bags surround your eyes, eyelid surgery with Dr. Larson can refresh this delicate area and restore your youthful expression.

Is It Time For Eyelid Surgery?

For many men and women, the area around the eyes is one of the first places to betray their age. The skin in this location is thin and delicate, and as such very susceptible to the sun, facial expressions and damaging environmental elements.

If you’re ready to restore a bright expression and smooth the skin around your eyes, it may be time for eyelid surgery. When this procedure is performed by Dr. Larson, you can expect subtle alterations – along with extremely natural results.

What Can Eyelid Surgery Do For You?

  • Reduce lower eyelid puffiness
  • Improve upper eyelid droopiness
  • Rejuvenate a tired-looking expression
  • Trim away excess eyelid skin

What to expect on surgery day

Your eyelid surgery will be done under general anesthesia and can focus on the lower eyelids, the upper eyelids, or both. Here is a closer look at the surgical techniques Dr. Larson may use during your procedure:

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Eyelid Surgery Tucson
Eyelid Surgery Tucson
Eyelid Surgery Tucson
Eyelid Surgery Tucson
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Lower Eyelid Surgery

During lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Larson will remove fatty deposits beneath your eyes. In most cases, he will make an incision along the lower lash line, hidden within your skin’s natural contours. Through that opening, he will remove unwanted fat, tighten lax muscles, redistribute droopy tissue and trim away excess skin.

If you don’t have excess skin to address and your puffiness is mild, Dr. Larson may create the incision inside the lower eyelid, so that the scar is completely hidden from view. If you suffer from hollow areas, he can also transfer a small amount of fat to naturally plump your skin.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

With upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Larson can improve the look of droopy eyelids – a common side effect of aging.

To begin, he will create an incision hidden within the natural contours of your upper eyelids. Through those openings, he will remove excess tissue, trim away aging skin and reposition the underlying muscles.

All of these alterations will be done with a conservative hand to ensure natural results – not the wide-awake look that can develop with an overly aggressive surgical technique.

In many cases, Dr. Larson will combine your eyelid surgery with a complementary procedure, such as a brow lift or facelift for a dramatic transformation.

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The Recovery

After eyelid surgery, the area will appear red, irritated, bruised and swollen. You may also experience blurred vision, sensitivity to light and excessive tearing. All of these side effects are normal, temporary, and will dissipate soon.

To care for your eyes after surgery, you will need to apply cold compresses and use eye drops frequently. Avoid activities that can strain your eyes, such as reading, watching TV and using a computer. You should be able to resume your normal daily routine in about ten days.

Eyelid Surgery Tucson
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