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The Sciton Laser is a versatile, groundbreaking laser device that can treat various skin conditions. This revolutionary laser significantly cuts down recovery time. The precision with which it penetrates the skin is so advanced that the surrounding tissues are unharmed. The Sciton Laser rebuilds your skin at a cellular level by activating your body’s healing processes.

How does the Sciton Laser work?

The Sciton Laser uses a laser beam at a 2940nm wavelength to resurface your skin. Skin resurfacing procedures using the Sciton Laser include both shallow applications which treat fine lines, sunspots and refresh overall skin tone and deeper applications to address deeper wrinkles including crow’s feet and upper lip lines. The Sciton Laser comes with custom treatment devices for each area.

Tucson Wrinkle Reduction

What does the Sciton Laser treat?

The Sciton Laser can reduce the visibility of facial scars, smooth fine lines and deeper wrinkles, including lip lines. The treatment can be effective for acne, redness, hyperpigmentation, and many other visible skin flaws. Treatments with this advanced laser have minimal downtime.

What Sciton Laser attachments we have available?

The Sciton Laser is equipped with various module attachments used for different skin resurfacing applications. We provide the following treatments:

  • Forever Young BBL™
  • Forever Clear BBL™
  • Halo™
  • Profactional™
  • Contour TRL™

What is Forever Young BBL™?

The innovative Forever Young BBL™ technology targets sun damage and aging skin by using light therapy on problem spots. It rejuvenates the skin to create a fresh, youthful appearance. Forever Young BBL changes the expression of genes associated with aging and is the only device proven to have this effect on the skin. This technology gives your skin a smooth and youthful look.

What does the Forever Young BBL™ Treat?

Our treatments with Forever Young Broadband Light in Tucson can address hyperpigmentation issues, including sun spots, age spots, freckles, acne, and redness. It can also reduce hair growth in the treated area. The treatment can be performed on any area of your body.

Tucson Broadband Light

What is Forever Clear BBL™?

Forever Clear BBL™ clears your acne with cutting-edge IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). The light energy from this device stimulates your skin cells to regenerate to restore clear and healthy skin. The procedure uses three types of light to address acne and ward off breakouts. First, the blue BBL light eradicates the bacteria that cause acne deep in your pores. Second, the yellow BBL light treats inflammation and redness caused by your acne leaving your skin bright and healthy. Then your skin receives rapid, gentle pulses of infrared light with SkinTyte II™ to speed healing and enhance results.

Tucson Halo Laser

What does Forever Clear BBL™ treat?

Forever Clear BBL™ treats skin plagued by acne without creams or medications. It also stimulates skin cells to regenerate naturally for more radiant, healthy skin.

What is Halo™?

Halo™ is a Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL), the first of its kind in the world. Halo uses both ablative (2940nm) and non-ablative (1470nm) wavelengths in the same pulse, treating the intended skin zone to reduce discomfort and downtime. These two wavelengths penetrate different levels of the skin to treat conditions that exist within each level like the papillary dermis and the epidermis.

What Does Halo™ treat?

Our Tucson Halo™ laser treatment not only does skin resurfacing but treats sun damage, signs of aging, pigmented lesions, wrinkles, and fine lines. Halo can also improve skin with large, visible pores. Halo™ treatments are appropriate for all skin types and can enhance skin quality on the face and body.

What is ProFractional™?

ProFractional™ laser treatment is excellent at skin resurfacing with minimal recovery time. ProFractional™ uses ablative wavelengths to treat narrow-diameter channels within the skin unlike other skin resurfacing treatments that create more trauma and lead to longer recovery time. Treating a small area at a time jump-starts your body’s healing response and leaves the surrounding skin intact to help with faster healing. This treatment helps the treatment be more comfortable, shortens healing time, and produces exceptional results in skin quality.

What Does ProFractional™ treat?

ProFractional™ treats large pores, sun-damaged skin, sunspots, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles. It can also smooth acne scars, treat dark spots and other discolorations, for an even skin tone.

What is a Contour TRL™?

The Contour Tunable Resurfacing Laser is a full-field skin resurfacer. It gives us the best way to tune the treatment to your precise need, as the laser can perform superficial peels to deep resurfacing treatments. We can customize your anti-aging treatment by altering depth the laser penetrates the skin the appropriate treatment. The customized approach has the added benefit of speeding the recovery time.

The Contour TRL™ Laser can treat numerous conditions. These conditions include both mild and deep wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, pigmented lesions, poor skin tone and saggy skin. This laser treatment can be used on all skin types, and on any area of the body.

Why Choose Larson Plastic Surgery?

We look forward to meeting with you and advising you about which treatment will produce the improvements in skin quality you envision. Our treatment options include providing scar improvement and fine and deep wrinkle reduction in Tucson, especially focusing around the mouth, minimally invasive blepharoplasty, and treating acne scars and warding off acne breakouts. We also treat pigment problems, redness, hair removal and age prevention for your skin. Our patients are thrilled with the results achieved with this advanced system, whether for skin quality enhancement or an advanced anti-aging treatment.

Meet Your Doctor Dr. Ethan Larson

Dr. Ethan Larson is celebrated throughout Tucson for his unmatched technical skill and the breadth of his knowledge. By embracing innovation at every turn, he continues to raise the bar in Southern Arizona for top-quality cosmetic care. Known as one of the best plastic surgeons Tucson has to offer, he is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of plastic surgery, including reconstruction of traumatic, oncologic and surgical defects. Dr. Larson is Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and is also a member of the Arizona Community Surgeons (ACS) group.

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