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If you are experiencing complications or unsatisfactory results following a prior breast surgery, a breast revision in Tucson with Dr. Larson can correct the issues while sculpting your ideal chest.

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It can be incredibly disheartening to learn that you need a breast revision after undergoing a breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. You’d planned on achieving your ideal breasts the first time around – and now you need another, even more delicate surgery to solve new issues.

When this occurs, Dr. Larson can help you create the breasts you deserve. He is exceptionally skilled in the full range of revision techniques and knows how to solve virtually any problem that can occur after an initial breast surgery.

Signs you need a breast revision

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • An unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance
  • Implants that are too large, too small, or improperly placed
  • Overly large flap or fat necrosis (after flap reconstruction)
  • Painful scar tissue that distorts the breast

Breast Revision: The procedure

Your Tucson breast revision will be tailored to meet your needs. Here’s a look at what to expect during the procedure, depending on the complications and issues you’re experiencing:

Implant removal

Many of our Tucson clients simply want breast implant removal to restore their natural breast appearance. This can be due to complications or a change in their personal preferences. When this occurs, Dr. Larson will re-open the original incision to remove any scar tissue and the implants.

Implant replacement

If your implants are the wrong size, you can see rippling or wrinkles, or you’ve experienced a rupture, you will need to have your implants exchanged. During this procedure, Dr. Larson will remove the implants, reconstruct the pocket, and insert your replacements.

Pocket repair

If your implants have been displaced or bottomed out, the pocket may need to be surgically repaired to prevent a recurrence. This will require reducing the size of the pocket so that it can better hold the implant in place.

Flap Reconstruction Revision: The procedure

Though rare, there are a number of complications that can develop following a Tucson flap reconstruction. Fortunately, Dr. Larson is skilled in treating all of them. Here is a look at what may be involved during your flap reconstruction breast revision depending on the issues you’re experiencing:

Correct a flap that is too large

A flap that is too large can create an asymmetrical breast appearance. To correct the issue, Dr. Larson will perform liposuction and/or a skin excision procedure.

Address asymmetry or aesthetic abnormalities

Rippling, contour irregularities and other aesthetic issues can develop after a flap reconstruction. All of these problems can be addressed by taking fat from another area of the body via liposuction and transferring it to the problem areas.

Resolve fat necrosis

Fat necrosis develops when the flap doesn’t receive enough blood. When this occurs, Dr. Larson can surgically remove the necrosis.

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