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Performing top surgery for the transgender community is one of Dr. Larson’s greatest passions. It’s an incredible procedure that transforms bodies and changes lives.

Compassionate care you can trust

When planning your top surgery, Dr. Larson’s goal is to educate and empower. He invests a substantial amount of time and effort discussing the options, anticipated results, and potential issues that may arise. He wants you to be fully informed to ensure that you make the right decisions for you.

During all of your experiences with Dr. Larson, you can expect to be treated with the utmost compassion and respect. Relatable and easy to talk to, he will put you at ease throughout your entire journey with our Tucson office.

FTM Top Surgery The procedure

During FTM top surgery, Dr. Larson will remove breast tissue and sculpt a masculine chest appearance. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and involves surgically excising the excess skin and tissue. There are several incision options available, including:


The keyhole incision is a small cut created along the lower border of the areola. It allows Dr. Larson to remove unwanted tissue – but not excess skin. It tends to be the best option for our Tucson patients with small breasts and good skin elasticity.


This approach involves an incision around the areola. Through that opening, Dr. Larson can remove a moderate amount of breast tissue and excess skin.

Double incision

Our Tucson clients with large or sagging breasts tend to require a double incision, which involves an incision along the bottom edge of the pectoral muscle. With this approach, the nipple is often relocated and resized as well. This is one of the more popular techniques, as it is capable of achieving a tight and flat chest appearance.


If you have very large breasts and a significant amount of excess skin, you will likely require an anchor incision. With this approach, the cuts are made around the nipple, down the front of the breast and along the breast crease.

FTM Top Surgery FAQ

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Liposuction: Refining your masculine contours

If you have very small breasts and no sagging skin, your chest may be masculinized via liposuction alone. However, this is quite rare. More often, liposuction is used to refine the results of surgical excision – sculpting a distinctly masculine appearance.

Nipple graft: How Dr. Larson ensures natural-looking nipples

FTM top surgery also involves a procedure to relocate and resize the nipples so they are in a more masculine position on the chest. During a nipple graft, Dr. Larson will remove the nipple and areola, trim the complex to the ideal size, and transfer it to another location. Though nipple sensation will be lost, the final aesthetic outcome is very natural.

Scarring: What to expect

Some scarring is inevitable after FTM top surgery. However, the extent will depend on the quality of your skin and the type of incision used. Dr. Larson places the incisions strategically and closes them with the utmost care to ensure that the resulting scars are as discreet as possible.

MTF Top Surgery

When it comes to breast growth, hormone therapy can only accomplish so much. Most transwomen find that they also need breast implants – or MTF top surgery – to complete their transformation.

Choosing your breast implants

Among our Tucson transgender surgery clients, silicone implants are the most popular option because they feel softer and look more like natural breast tissue than saline. However, many clients also find the benefits of saline appealing – including the shorter scar and lower cost.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal type of implant, you will need to refine your selection. Prior to surgery, you will have the opportunity to try on different implant sizers to determine the volume, projection and shape that is right for you.

The procedure

If you decide to undergo MTF top surgery with Dr. Larson, your transgender surgery in Tucson will be done under general anesthesia. He will create an incision in your chest, either along the areola (periareolar), beneath the chest muscle (inframammary), or in the armpit (transaxillary) Through that opening, he will place your implant to construct your new chest.

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