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Benefits of Liposuction:

  • More fat volume can be removed in one sitting
  • Early results are visible right away
  • More precision can be possible to create etch lines and target larger areas
  • Procedure can be done awake in the office in some instances under local anesthesia

Benefits of Coolsculpting:

  • Painless and quick
  • No downtime
  • Tightens skin!
  • No incisions or scarring or risk of infection

Drawbacks of Liposuction:

This is a surgical procedure which means there is a chance for infection, scarring and pain.

Some lumps and bumps are possible after healing.

The final results are not visible for up to 12 months

Does not tighten skin, requires additional technology such as Renuvion or J-plasma to tighten skin after liposuction or occasionally excision of the excess skin.

Drawbacks of Coolsculpting:

Can only be used to reduce discreet areas of pinchable fat that fit in the applicators

Results take 4-6 weeks to develop and Coolsculpting often needs to be repeated to obtain the desired effect.

Potential for rare side effect of adipose hypertrophy

Can get expensive as multiple treatment areas are added or additional sessions are necessary.

The Verdict:

Both methods are proven safe and effective at removing unwanted fat. The method chosen should take into account how much fat you want to remove vs how much downtime and pain you can tolerate. We are happy to help you with your decision. Both technologies remove fat permanently. If your diet and exercise habits do not change however, more fat can again be deposited in other areas of the body.

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