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21 yo FTM top surgery. This result is 16 months post-operative. Incision was inferolateral on each breast. You can see how the scars have faded well. I like this approach when the areola is small as it allows better control of the final chest contour. This keeps the scar off of and away from the breast, which to me is a more masculine position and doesn’t suggest any history of breast surgery. This incision also allows the existing small nipple to be slightly pulled inferiorly and laterally into a more masculine position without distorting its shape as the perioareolar and keyhole incisions can occasionally do. This also reduces the risk of partial or complete loss of the nipple. Nipple reduction has also been completed at a second surgery. This is typically a quick in-office procedure done after the first surgery has healed. He lost a lot of weight with working out. The pec is more developed in the post-operative photo and the body fat has diminished. This has created a slight dent in the lower chest. This can be improved with some fat grafting if desired.

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